Duke in the Gardens

Academic Programs

Duke Gardens invites you to expand your classroom into the Gardens! Our outdoor learning space includes sheltered sitting areas, Wi-Fi and electrical outlets, in addition to walking paths and garden displays.

Work with Duke Gardens’ education staff to coordinate use of this expansive campus resource. Develop assignments making use of the Gardens, hold class outdoors, create undergraduate level field trips that complement your curriculum, or conduct academic research in the Gardens. Programs can be self-guided or facilitated by Duke Gardens staff.

 To discuss opportunities for your course or research, contact Kati Henderson at 919-886-3816 or kati.henderson@duke.edu.

Teaching in Duke Gardens

Duke Gardens offers an exceptional collection of plants as well as a multitude of other course connections. Enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors, along with the spark of learning in a new setting to complement your curriculum. The Gardens provides genuine connections and opportunities to teach any course content across all disciplines. Gardens' education staff is available to work with faculty to develop programs that fit curriculum needs, whatever they may be.

Research in Duke Gardens

As a living collection and public institution, Duke Gardens provides a site for many kinds of research. Gardens’ staff welcome the opportunity to discuss your research and determine how it could be undertaken here.

Please Consider

Duke Gardens can be used as an outdoor learning space for any discipline. However, due to the fact that we are a public botanic garden, there are some parameters on how you can use the space.

  • The garden is always open to the public. Certain spaces can’t be reserved to the exclusion of public visitors. Some spaces can be reserved for registered programs. 
  • Programs facilitated by Duke Gardens' staff are limited to 20 students. Exceptions may be possible; please inquire for larger groups.
  • Self-guided trips (those not facilitated by Gardens staff members) must register and follow all Gardens policies, including staying on paths and not picking any parts of plants. Exceptions may be possible with a close partnership and training by Gardens staff; please inquire for your particular needs. This includes visits outside class time and visits where individuals or groups are visiting rather than the whole class.

For ideas about how to match these requirements with your course or research needs, please contact us. We’d love to discuss ideas with you.


Please contact Kati Henderson at 919-886-3816 or kati.henderson@duke.edu to discuss possibilities and register your class's visit.

If you’re an undergraduate student interested in internship opportunities, please see our internship page.