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Duke Gardens staff periodically spotlights specific plants that are found in our 55-acre living collection, and related topics. This week, marketing and communications assistant Katherine Hale features a sweetly scented native shrub with a long history of human use. Read more.

Wax myrtle fruits in the Blomquist Garden of Native Plants

More Garden Talk highlights:

Feb. 1: kale
Feb. 10: 'Autumn Frost' butternut squash
March 26: Deer in Duke Gardens
July 28: Summer in the Vegetable Garden
August 25: hot peppers
Sept 15: obedient plant
Sept. 27: anise-scented sage
November 10: Fall color change
November 24: Southern wax myrtle

Jan. 31: 'Tama-no-Ura' camellia
Feb. 3: shagbark hickory
Feb. 26: winter daphne
Mar. 3: lilac daphne
Mar. 11: weeping peach
March 21: End of the Winter Garden
April 7: epimedium 'Amber Queen'
April 14: 'Dojean' tree peony
April 22: native hedgerows
June 22: Build a Pollinator House
June 24: Aechmaea 'Yellow Berries'
June 29: Water, Water, Everywhere
July 15: blackberry lily
July 20: Japanese black pine
July 24: lavender 'Phenomenal'
Aug. 6: purple coneflower
Sept. 9: 'Moon and Stars' watermelon
Sept. 21: seashore mallow
Oct. 30: ginkgo tree
Nov. 13: native spices
Nov. 25: Letting Leaves Lie
Dec. 14: Making Compost


Jan. 3: Algerian Iris
Jan. 7: eastern white pine
Jan. 14: wintersweet
Jan. 21: variegated butterbur
Jan. 28: hazel alder
Feb. 4: dwarf palmetto
Feb. 11: magnolia pruning+tree removal
Feb. 18: giant snowdrop
Feb. 25: split corona daffodil
March 4: fairy wings
March 19: trout lily
April 9: pawpaw
April 16: Blomquist spring ephemerals
May 1: columbine
May 17: hosta 'Kiwi Full Monty'
May 22: catmint
May 31: clary sage
June 4: Disease in the Rose Garden
June 17: National Pollinator Week
July 11: feather cactus
July 22: plumleaf azalea
July 29: honey extraction
Sept. 3: surprise lily
Sept. 21: plant sale preview - ginger lily
Sept. 25: plant sale preview - pink banana
Oct. 10: Conservation horticulture + Blomquist south entrance
Oct. 14: Fall Harvest Season + Harvest Fest
Oct.20: weeping rostrinucula
Oct. 29: spiders
Oct. 30: chrysanthemums + Festival of Fabulous Mums
Nov. 25: climbing aster
Nov. 29: winter bird feeding
Dec. 16: Japanese sacred lily
Dec. 23: hollies and holiday evergreens