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Duke Gardens staff periodically spotlights specific plants that are found in our 55-acre living collection, and related topics. This week, Jason Holmes, Curator of the Doris Duke Center Gardens, and assistant horticulturist Nick Schwab discuss their creative solution to the perennial problem of plant waste. Read more.

Finished mulch from the grinder

More Garden Talk highlights:

Jan. 31: 'Tama-no-Ura' camellia
Feb. 3: shagbark hickory
Feb. 26: winter daphne
Mar. 3: lilac daphne
Mar. 11: weeping peach
March 21: End of the Winter Garden
April 7: epimedium 'Amber Queen'
April 14: 'Dojean' tree peony
April 22: native hedgerows
June 22: Build a Pollinator House
June 24: Aechmaea 'Yellow Berries'
June 29: Water, Water, Everywhere
July 15: blackberry lily
July 20: Japanese black pine
July 24: lavender 'Phenomenal'
Aug. 6: purple coneflower
Sept. 9: 'Moon and Stars' watermelon
Sept. 21: seashore mallow
Oct. 30: ginkgo tree
Nov. 13: native spices
Nov. 25: Letting Leaves Lie
Dec. 14: Making Compost

Jan. 3: Algerian Iris
Jan. 7: eastern white pine
Jan. 14: wintersweet
Jan. 21: variegated butterbur
Jan. 28: hazel alder
Feb. 4: dwarf palmetto
Feb. 11: magnolia pruning+tree removal
Feb. 18: giant snowdrop
Feb. 25: split corona daffodil
March 4: fairy wings
March 19: trout lily
April 9: pawpaw
April 16: Blomquist spring ephemerals
May 1: columbine
May 17: hosta 'Kiwi Full Monty'
May 22: catmint
May 31: clary sage
June 4: Disease in the Rose Garden
June 17: National Pollinator Week
July 11: feather cactus
July 22: plumleaf azalea
July 29: honey extraction
Sept. 3: surprise lily
Sept. 21: plant sale preview - ginger lily
Sept. 25: plant sale preview - pink banana
Oct. 10: Conservation horticulture + Blomquist south entrance
Oct. 14: Fall Harvest Season + Harvest Fest
Oct.20: weeping rostrinucula
Oct. 29: spiders
Oct. 30: chrysanthemums + Festival of Fabulous Mums
Nov. 25: climbing aster
Nov. 29: winter bird feeding
Dec. 16: Japanese sacred lily
Dec. 23: hollies and holiday evergreens