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Welcome to our visitors with physical challenges.

Garden access: Duke Gardens is located in a ravine and was designed, for the most part, decades ago, so there are many changes in slope throughout the gardens. Some path slope changes exceed the 5 percent standard set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Some areas have steps, and some paths with loose gravel may be difficult for people who use wheelchairs. Duke Gardens does not provide mobility assistance devices for visitor use.

Before entering the Gardens, please be sure to stop by our visitor kiosk for a map that shows the most accessible routes among the Gardens' 5 miles of allées, walks and pathways. You can also see the map here. We have improved our accessibility considerably in the last few years, including the entry allée, and we will continue to make the Gardens increasingly accessible and enjoyable for all visitors. 

Labels of various plants and foliage are easily visible. There are shaded benches throughout the gardens, as well as drinking fountains at the Fish Pool, in the Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden and in the Doris Duke Center. Duke Gardens does not offer wheelchair rentals.

Parking: Both of Duke Gardens' parking lots have dedicated accessible parking spots for visitors with mobility challenges and ADA tags. For easier access to the visitor center and the Page-Rollins White Garden, please see the note below.

Visitor center, special events and concerts: The Doris Duke Center and the event lawn behind it are accessible for people with mobility challenges. However, there is a slope up to the Doris Duke Center from parking lot 2 (the lower lot). For visitors who use wheelchairs or have other mobility challenges and would like to be dropped off at the Doris Duke Center, there is a circular driveway directly in front of the center that may be used for dropoffs. Drivers must then proceed to one of the Gardens' lots. 

We hope you enjoy your visit.