Meditations for Students, by Students

Welcome, students! We know you love to de-stress at Duke Gardens, and exam week can be a stressful time. So we teamed up with Duke student and Duke Gardens enthusiast Gigi Falk to bring you some meditations to help you regain your focus and serenity during exam week -- particularly when you're unable to get outside, let alone take a deep breath of fresh air.

Gigi has led meditations for students through DuWell and practiced mindfulness techniques at Duke Gardens. She graduated this year with a degree in cognitive neuroscience, so she understands the physiology of stress and meditation firsthand and scientifically. Plus, Gigi's got a voice that can stop panic in its tracks.

Here are two meditations from Gigi, one short and one longer. We hope they are helpful to you as you wrap up exam week.

4-minute meditation

10-minute meditation

Here is Gigi talking about practicing mindfulness in Duke Gardens.

Your Garden Gateway: Gigi's Story from Duke Gardens on Vimeo.