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Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission:

Sarah P. Duke Gardens creates and nurtures an environment in the heart of Duke University for learning, inspiration and enjoyment through excellence in horticulture and community engagement.

Our vision:

Sarah P. Duke Gardens is widely recognized as a premier public garden, providing extraordinary visitor experiences, horticultural artistry, leadership in conservation, and innovative programs. It plays a vital role in the life and values of Duke University and is a respite from the ordinary in a welcoming and beautiful setting.

Our core values:

Beauty: Duke Gardens is an artful expression inspired by nature.

Excellence: We model excellence in horticultural practices and display, public engagement and sustainability.

Inspiration: We lift our visitors' spirits, touch their hearts and engage their minds.

Integrity: We act ethically, inclusively and respectfully in our relationships.

Sustainability: We conserve our resources and model best environmental practices.

Inclusiveness: We connect diverse communities representing Duke, Durham and visitors from around the world.