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Rooted in Relationality

Rooted in Relationality is an introductory series of zines to connect people with plants and their medicine. It is made by Tigerlily Kaynor as part of the Equity Through Stories program. Click on each plant below to learn more about it!

COMING SOON: The story of how this project came to be and why it's important.

What's a zine?

Zines (pronounced "zeens") are self-published booklets. They can be about many different topics, and include writing, drawing, collage and other ways of sharing information.

For more examples, check out the Durham County Library Community Cookbook or Zine Machine: Durham Printed Matter Festival.


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illustration of different shaped green leaves and the text 'Rooted in Relationality, Sassafras: A Brief Introduction to This Plant and its Medicine, by Tigerlily Kaynor'

#1 Sassafras

I've got unique leaves, a celebration of gender diversity and more. Come get to know me!








more coming soon!