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Doris Duke Center Gardens

Behind the Doris Duke Center are several distinct gardens. The Virtue Peace Pond and the Page-Rollins White Garden adjoin the Angle Amphitheater, the setting for many performances, weddings and other special events.  From there, you can stroll through the Woodland Garden to the Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden, or follow the East Meets West Garden toward the Asiatic Arboretum.

Main attractions

Page-Rollins White Garden: A garden inspired by the many white-flowered cottage gardens of England, the White Garden highlights the simplicity of white flowers and foliage, underscoring that plants can be as alluring for their shape as for their color.  This garden provides the perfect setting for weddings, portraits, and nighttime events.

Virtue Peace Pond: This stunning pond features an extensive collection of hardy and tropical water lilies, lotuses and marginal water plants.  Below the pond is a bog garden that takes advantage of a naturally wet area and plays host to butterflies, dragonflies and plants.

Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden: This organic, sustainable garden displays and teaches about plants that provide people, animals, birds and insects with food and shelter. In this garden and in the outdoor classroom at the Burpee Learning Center, visitors can learn about the transformation of energy from the sun through plants and finally to people and animals.