Contributing Photographers

Duke Gardens would like to thank the following photographers for their artistry and generosity in contributing photos to Duke Gardens' website, social media and publications.

If you'd like to share your photo skills with Duke Gardens by becoming a volunteer photographer, please fill out an application on our volunteer page, and we will contact you soon. Professionals and amateurs allike are welcome. Thank you!

Special thanks to Cal Wong for the beautiful plant photos that appear in the background of this website.

Robert Ayers
Sudeshna Banks
Leonard Beeghley
Cathi Bodine
Sally Bornbusch
Steve Brantley
Lee Capps
Richard Cicone
Patrick Connelly
Ed Eastman
Rick Fisher
John Geneczko Jr.
Jie Huang
Wendell Hull
Kathy Julian
Sue Lannon
Reagan Lunn
Alain Michot
Jordan Montgomery
Flora O'Brien
Sarah Reuning
Joe Rone
Adele Smith
Lori Sullivan
Howard Sykes
Paul Travis
Charles Twine
Karen Webbink
Brian Wells
Cal Wong