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Blomquist Garden

The rolling woodland terrain of the 6.5-acre H.L. Blomquist Garden of Native Plants is filled with more than 900 species and varieties of regional native plants.  Many of them found a home in this garden after approved plant-rescue operations from land facing development.  Dedicated in 1968, the garden honors Professor Hugo L. Blomquist, the first chair of Duke University’s Department of Botany and an authority on Southeastern flora.

Main attractions

Steve Church Endangered Species Garden: Take a minute here to learn about some of our plant neighbors in this collection of rare and endangered plants from the southeastern United States. Explore this garden further with our interactive map.

Carnivorous plant collection: This collection includes unique plant species native to North Carolina. Come learn about how hungry plants have evolved to feed themselves.

Bird Viewing Shelter: Relax quietly here and soon you will see the host of bird species attracted to the nearby feeding station.

Learn about the Piedmont Prairie here, as well as the role of fire in the prairie ecosystem. And see the H Lot Pocket Prairie here.

See the Blomquist Garden and learn about the importance of native plants in UNC-TV's "Exploring North Carolina" episode titled "Native Intelligence." 

Some Blomquist plant highlights

Informational PDFs: Trillium, Trillium cuneatum, Torreya taxifolia, Hexastylis arifolia.