Gardens Reopening

A fallen tree, twisted at the trunk, blocking a garden path


Sept. 1 UPDATE — The Blomquist Garden of Native Plants is now open again. But some paths throughout Duke Gardens may be closed temporarily for continued storm cleanup in coming weeks. Please see below for more information about the storm and its impact.  


Aug. 25 UPDATE — Duke Gardens will reopen to the public Saturday, Aug. 26, at 8 a.m. However, the Blomquist Garden of Native Plants will remain closed until further notice.

With more than 35 trees impacted by the sudden and violent storm on Aug. 15, including many large trees that fell onto smaller trees, our staff had much work to do in order to address all damaged trees, limbs and other hazards.

We still have several weeks of work ahead to clear up remaining storm debris on the ground. Please pardon our appearance during this period, and note that some sections of the Gardens in addition to the Blomquist may be closed to visitors on a given day while the staff works to clean up these areas. Please pay attention to signs along the paths that will note which areas are closed, and do not enter closed areas. They are closed for everyone's safety.

We appreciate your patience during our temporary closure, and we look forward to seeing you in Duke Gardens again soon!


Aug. 24 UPDATE — Duke Gardens remains temporarily closed due to severe storm damage. We don't yet have an opening date, but we will post here and in social media when we do. We're working very hard to remove all hazards. Please read below for more information.


Aug. 18 UPDATEDuke Gardens remains temporarily closed due to severe storm damage. More than 30 trees were damaged or destroyed by this week's violent storm, including 16 very large trees that the high winds brought down.

Removing these trees and assessing the safety of additional impacted trees and limbs that could pose a danger to visitors will take time. The Gardens will be closed through the weekend and into next week as this critical work continues. 

When we have a reopening date, we will announce it here and on social media. We appreciate your patience during this closure. And we look forward to welcoming you when it is safe to return.


Aug. 15, 2023 — Duke Gardens is temporarily closed due to severe storm damage. When we have a reopening date, we will announce it here and on social media.

Sixteen large trees fell in the Gardens during Tuesday's sudden and intense storm. Other trees were so badly damaged that they will also need to be removed.

In addition to clearing fallen trees from paths, we will also need to assess any potential dangers such as damaged limbs that could fall in the aftermath of the storm. We don't anticipate being able to reopen for at least three days. A more comprehensive cleanup will likely take several weeks.

No staff or visitors were injured in the sudden storm. And no structures were damaged.

We appreciate your patience as we work to open Duke Gardens for your enjoyment as soon as possible. 

a staff member looks at a tree that fell across a garden path

two large fallen trees on a garden path

a tree broken midway up a trunk, in the middle of other trees and storm damage

a man walking along a garden path next to a large fallen tree

Photos by horticulture director Bobby Mottern.