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STEAM Challenge

April 22 - May 14, 2021

text reading "Duke Gardens STEAM Challenge" surrounded by a photocollage showing: a young student looking through a hand lens at an orange insect on a green tree; plant parts on a shallow blue tray and a young student writing & drawing on a clipboard; a black and yellow striped fly; a dark green and purple striped flower shaped like a tube at the bottom and flat & folded over at the top; a ballet dancer in a tutu poses on round stones crossing a pond; a cluster of flowers with thin purple petals in front of green leaves from different plants

Update: Please resend your completed STEAM Challenge to The deadline has been extended to May 14. The previously listed email address for submissions is not functioning correctly, so if you sent an email to that address we have not received it. We apologize for the inconvenience but look forward to seeing your submissions.

Challenge yourself to go full STEAM ahead learning about the world around you using science, technology, engineering, art and math with the Duke Gardens STEAM Challenge from April 22 to May 14 as part of Triangle Learning Days. All participants who email your completed challenge to us by May 14 will receive a special Duke Gardens sticker.

To complete the STEAM Challenge:

  • Choose your adult learning partner
  • Look at the STEAM Challenge bingo card
  • Together with your learning partner: do any line of activities bingo style—up and down, side to side, or diagonally, OR do 5 activities from any single color: blue (waterways theme), red (food web theme) or green (plants theme)

Send an email to by May 14 with:

  • a list of the activities you did OR a photo of your bingo sheet with the activities you did marked off
  • your mailing address to receive your Duke Gardens sticker
  • any photos of your completed activities and artwork for a chance to be featured on Duke Gardens’ Instagram Stories

Activities with additional instructions can be found here: