School Programs: Pre-K - K

Farm and Folk Tales: Learn about fruits, vegetables and animals in the garden through stories and exploration.

Discovery Garden: Introduce students to agriculture and sustainable gardening.  What parts of plants do we eat?  What’s the difference between a fruit and vegetable?  See bee hives, chickens, an orchard, vegetables and fruits, a historic tobacco barn and more.

Math in the Gardens: Measure, multiply and map your way through the garden. Learn about the different kinds of math our garden staff use to create and maintain our beautiful garden, and solve your own garden math problems.  Program content is adjusted to match appropriate grade-level standards.

Garden Walk: Observe seasonal highlights on a guided walk that introduces students to the biodiversity of Duke Gardens.

Sense-ational Stroll: Engage your senses as you touch, smell, hear and see your way through the gardens on this guided walk.

Birds and Butterflies
: Look up to discover the amazing world of winged wildlife in the gardens. Through song and movement, learn about the lives of birds and butterflies.

Dirt and Worms: Take a close look at life underground and learn how wiggling worms help the Gardens grow. What is a worm’s life cycle? How do they move? What do they eat? Learn this and more.

Knock, Knock.  Who’s There? Tiptoe through the gardens to find signs of animals at home. Learn who lives where: in the ground, in a tree, in the pond, and more.