School Programs: 5th Grade

Beyond the Pond (meets standard 5.L.2.1): Students will examine a pond ecosystem and learn the infinite connections between the plants and animals, and how human activities affect the pond. Includes hands-on exploration of pond life. Limited to 20 students.

Garden Food Web (meets standard 5.L.2). Plants, animals and decomposers in the Gardens are connected in a web of life. Students will create a habitate web and learn the importance of all the community's connections. 

Tree Detectives (recommended for 4th and 5th grades; meets standards EX.4.L.1 and EX.5.L.2):  Working in a variety of ecosystems, students identify clues and discover the special qualities and adaptations of different trees.

Discovery Garden: Introduce students to agriculture and sustainable gardening. What’s the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?  What parts of plants do we eat?  See bees, chickens, an orchard, vegetables and fruits, a historic tobacco barn and more.

Math in the Gardens: Measure, multiply or map your way through the garden. Learn about the different kinds of math that garden staff members use every day and solve your own garden math problem. Program content will be adjusted to match appropriate grade level standards.

Garden Walk: For larger groups with limited time. A guided walk to introduce students to the four major areas of the garden.  This program is planned for 1 hour or less. Fee of $2 per student.

Haiku Trail into the Gardens: Develop literacy skills and creative expression through sensory observation. Learn about the haiku poet Basho as you explore the Gardens and collect sensory descriptions to assemble your own haiku.