Locations for Wedding Ceremony without Reception

wedding in the Terrace Gardens

Photo by Brownyn Duffield Photography.

Please note: The Angle Amphitheater is only available for people holding receptions in the Doris Duke Center.


As the focal point in the Terrace Gardens, the pergola is an elegant structure that frames the lush landscape and creates a backdrop that turns your vow exchange into a work of art (think of all the Instagrams!). Add delightful fountains and layered terraces—featuring a lavender and purple palette of interlaced tulips, irises, foxgloves and alliums in the spring, and a succession of delightful colors through the seasons—and you'll see how architecture and nature blend together to create a timeless setting.

Capacity: 30 min./100 max.


Located at the far end of the Terrace Gardens and set against a gently cascading stone waterfall, the fish pool is the perfect location for a wedding ceremony. A water garden with plants selected for minimal color, coupled with the sound of rippling water, contributes to the overall harmony of this location and provides a backdrop that balances beauty with simplicity. Your wedding photos will be infused with a quiet elegance that inspires photographers.

Capacity: 30 min./100 max.


The overlook is the most intimate ceremony site at Duke Gardens. Guests stroll through the Terrace Gardens before reaching this delightful location, which is set on a hill and provides dappled shade by mature trees. The Overlook is oriented so guests may gaze in wonder at the seasonal kaleidoscopes of natural color in the Terrace Gardens, a breathtaking backdrop that’s perfect for exchanging vows.

Capacity: 30 min./50 max.

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