Certificate Program

Sarah P. Duke Gardens is pleased to offer a certificate program designed for the life-long learner interested in home horticulture. Each certificate course is sufficiently rigorous to offer you challenge, increased skill, and expanded understanding of a topic that intrigues you.

This self-paced program evolved from participant inquiries. Participants wanted a more complete understanding of the topic, and they asked for a list of classes to meet their goals. Those lists became the basis for the certificate.

The certificate program includes required courses to give you a fundamental understanding of the topic, and elective courses that allow you to customize the program to meet your goals.

Instructors are experienced teachers with expertise in their field of study. Limited class size facilitates interaction among participants and instructors. Day, evening and weekend class offerings help meet a variety of schedules.

You do not have to be enrolled in a certificate program to take a class. Everyone is welcome in certificate courses.

You may read more about the program in this PDF from our Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 Events Guide. 

Home Horticulture Certificate Program details