School Programs: 2nd Grade

Bug’s Life (meets standard 2.L.1.2): What is an insect? Where do they live? Students will learn about and compare the life cycles of garden insects by studying them in their natural habitat.

DOUBLE EXPOSURE: Connecting Science and Art at Duke Gardens and Nasher Museum of Art (meets standards 2.E.1, 2.L.1.2):
Double Explosure is an innovative program for second-grade school groups with a full day experience that connects science and art. Students visit both Duke Gardens and Nasher Museum of Art. To register, please go to or contact the Nasher’s education office at 919-684-1169.

Discovery Garden: Introduce students to agriculture and sustainable gardening. What’s the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?  What parts of plants do we eat?  See bees, chickens, an orchard, vegetables and fruits, a historic tobacco barn and more.

Math in the Gardens: Measure, multiply or map your way through the garden. Learn about the different kinds of math that garden staff members use every day and solve your own garden math problem. Program content will be adjusted to match appropriate grade level standards.

Garden Walk: For larger groups with limited time. A guided walk to introduce students to the four major areas of the garden.  This program is planned for 1 hour or less. Fee of $2 per student.